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    Percentage is not working


      Hi Experts,


      I have found the one Quota Dashboard in Tableau site .  I have also created the same dashboard using my  data . everything is working fine  in mine . attached workbook dashboard  has ‘Individuals’ sheet in that sheet has the functionality like Radio button $ and %  is working fine but what I created my dashboard when I select the % symbol it’s not working and the $ is symbol  working fine .  can you please tell me  what I missing my workbook .


      Please see the my original dashboard screen shots

      $ is working.png

      Percentage % dashboard

      % not working.png


      Please see the attached workbook for the sample data and created the  like Individual  tab  in that both $ and % is  not working .


      I have attached the both dashboard


      1)I have found the dashboard in Site : “Sales Management - Quota Dashboard


      2 ) my dashboard : what I have created sample data . it not working