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    Dynamically changing the items in a quick filter

    Matt Dundas

      I having problems with this, wondering if any of you wonderful people have insights.

      I have a single value quick filter on a list of Clients.

      I have another field called "Active" indicating if that client is active or not.  So the data is something like:


      Client, Active, Product, Calories

      'Coke', 1, 'Diet Coke', 80

      'Coke', 1, 'Regular Coke', 260

      'Pepsi', 0, 'Diet Pepsi', 78


      So let's say i'm graphing the calories of different products and i want to have a quick filter for "Client".

      BUT i want another quick filter for "Active".  So if i select Active=1, the Client quick filter should refresh with a selection of just the Active clients.


      Is that possible?  I'm having a heck of time getting it to work.  I don't think there's a way to dynamically change the list of available items on a quick filter, is there?