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    New Calculated column in the sheet

    Ertan ERISIK



      I am quite new with Tableau and I need help for the following problem.

      I have created a sheet which looks like following table.






      And I would like to add another column, which will be a calculated field from IN and Out columns such that:

      HourInOutCalculated Field


      Basically I want a new column in the sheet separate from that of the panes provided by the query and  in each row of this column, I would like to extract running total of OUT till the current row-1, from the running total of IN till the current row.

      Would this be possible with the current table calculations or do I have to model the database accordingly or write a custom SQL?


      Any idea will greatly be appreciated.

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          Tracy Rodgers

          Hi Ertan,


          This can be done using a calculated field similar to the following:


          running_sum(sum(IN))-lookup(running_sum(sum(OUT)), -1)


          Depending on how your view is set up the way the calculation is being computed may need to be edited (right click on it and select Compute Using...)


          Hope this helps!



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            Ertan ERISIK

            Tracy Hi,

            Thanks a lot for the prompt response and please accept my apologies for not describing the problem  accurately. The two columns in the above table are  in fact from the same database field  separated according to type column in the same table. So I cannot refer them individually within the Tableau  sheet as in your example.


            Best Regards,



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              Mark Holtz

              It sounds like you are describing a table structure like this:

              table structure.JPG

              So the number field is the only measure, and the Type field is a dimension that you use to create the cross-tab in your original post...


              If so, you can still use Tracy's formula, you just need to create new measures for each type.


              IF [Type] = 'IN'

              THEN [CountField]

              ELSE 0




              IF [Type] = 'OUT'

              THEN [CountField]

              ELSE 0



              I've attached a workbook with this info.

              The only catch is the table calculation cannot run for the first row because there is "previous" row for which to get lookup information in the table. 

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                Ertan ERISIK

                Thanks guys,


                I have used the tips given here and changed a little bit my workbook and it seems everything is fine now.


                Thanks a lot.