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    Calculations within the same variable

    Hubert Talo

      Hello All,


      I have a question and I hope someone will help me out of it .


      I created a sheet in Tableau which looks like this:


      Key figuresValue
      Gross Proceed of Sales10 000
      Net proceed of Sales7 000
      Operationnal Income3 000
      Net Income1000


      I would like to create ratios in Tableau such as "Operational Income/Net Proceed Of sales" or "Net income/Net proceed of sales"


      Could someone please tell me how to do that?


      Thank you in advance for your replies.



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          Hubert Talo

          Nevermind, I've found the solution .


          For those interrested, what you have to do is:


          - Set "Key figures" as Rows

          - Set "Values" as Text

          - Edit the Calculation as follow

               - Add table calculation

               - Calculation Type = Percent from ...

               - Calculate the percentage along "Key figures"

               - Display the value as a percentage of "Net proceed of sales"

               - Ok


          Hope this helps