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    Maps don't seem to update when changing year - Tableau Public on web

    Scott Gilkeson

      I created a map of poverty by county from 2006 through 2010.


      I zoom in and select a set of counties in a metropolitan statistical area, and then I want to look at year to year change. The problem is that the filled map colors don't change unless I deselect and reselect the counties, even though the title changes. I've tried using the arrows next to the years and the timeline below to change time. It seems to work differently going forward in time than it does going backward (I think it does change colors going backward, but it loses the black line showing the selected area.


      Here are a sequence of pictures to show what I mean:


      First, I select the counties I want for 2009:



      Next, I use the arrow next to the year to look at 2010:



      Note that none of the colors changed. But if I deselect and reselect, I get a different picture:


      Is this perhaps a bug?