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    Join tables from different data sources?

    dalia cohen



      I am trying to analyse customer satisfaction surveys to see if there are trends with regards to satisfaction scores and type of product/printer/AOV/new vs returning customer/etc.


      I have two different data sources - my database (accessed by MySQL) with all the information on the actual order, and my survey responses (on Excel) with the different ratings and the corresponding order ID.


      I want to join both sources based on order ID (named the same in both sources and set as a "relationship"), but when I try data blending, I keep getting an asterisk (*) for the database's dimensions. Not all orders have a corresponding survey and not all surveys have a corresponding order ID - I just want an inner join to see results from orders associated with a survey/surveys associated with an order.




      P.S. I am using Tableau 7.0



      Note: I tried this http://kb.tableausoftware.com/articles/knowledgebase/multiple-sources-one-worksheet but got a little lost.