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    Claims Triangle - Running Sum that stops running at the current period.

    Miles Hunter

      I'm trying to create a claims triangle in Tableau.


      This is a cross tab that has loss dates in the rows and loss development periods in the columns. These development periods put transactions into buckets based on the amount of time that has elapsed since the loss date. For example 0-29 days post loss, 30-59days 60-89 days etc.


      I want the table to do a running total, but I want that running total to stop when there is no possibility of transactions. For example, for September 2012 loss dates, I should not have anything in the cell corresponding to 30-59 days post loss, because that is in the future!


      The table is called a triangle because it should look like a triangle - no data in cells that are in the future, data in cells that are in the past.


      Please help! I am attaching my workbook.