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    Filter Selection to display a different sheet on Dashboard

    Justin Smith

      Hi all,


      I've got a filter for various departments, and a bar graph that displays information about the department when selected on my dashboard. My problem is, if I select "All" in the department filter, the resulting bar graph is worthless. I have created a pie chart that displays for all departments that provides a quick look like I would like. What I would like to do is if a user selects "All" in the filter, the dashboard would display the pie chart sheet instead of the bar graph in the same location. Then of course if a user selected an individual department, it would display the appropriate bar graph. Any ideas?


      Thanks in advance,


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          Tracy Rodgers

          Hi Justin,


          The following KB may be able to provide some insight. A couple things will be need to be changed, but when the user selects All it will choose the pie chart, then the other option would allow the user to select a specific member.




          Hope this helps a bit!



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            Ali Ardestani

            Hi Tracy,


            That example was helpful. But I have a (I guess) similar issue:


            I have a dashboard that I've put together using 3 worksheets. Now, I want to have the last worksheet hidden until I select a row/value from worksheet 2 (used as a filter). In other words, not only worksheet 2 is the source (filter) of the last worksheet, but also triggers when it shows up.


            -The reason I want the last worksheet to be hidden (by default) is that the amount info on that worksheet is overwhelming. So I prefer to have the entire worksheet to appear only when a value/row is selected by the user from worksheet 2.


            I hope that makes sense and you can help me on this




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              Dharmesh Purohit

              Hi Tracy,


              I tried Sheet Selector for Dashboard and it is really useful.


              Creating a Sheet Selector for a Dashboard | Tableau Software


              But I am facing one issue.


              I have created two worksheet one for Dollar growth and another for Unit growth. Both worksheet has same filters like Region and Sub region base on region selection I am getting respective sub regions in second filter.


              This works fine on my dashboard when I select Dollar Growth in sheet selection filter. But when I select Unit Growth from the filter other filters (Region and Sub region) not working. it doesn't  saw any values apart from all. Same issue I am facing for legends as well.


              Possible reason is all the filters are getting generated from the worksheet called "Dollar Growth" so for that worksheet it will work fine. where as for "Unit Growth" I am not adding filters again because I don't want filters and legends twice.


              I tried lots of option but no luck.


              Please help me on this issue. This is very urgent.