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    Filtering Top 10 using an aggregated calculated field...

    Don Barnetson



      I'm trying filter Sku's (UPC's) by the Top 10 $ Opp. Each Sku has a value based on the following calculations:


      - First, the BDI (Business Developement Index) had to be calculated using the formula below:


      Formula:    ([Total Sku $ Store] / [Total $ Store]) / ([Total Sku $ Terr] / [Total $ Terr 2012])*100


      - Next, the $ Opp (Dollar Opportunity) had to be calculated using the formula below:


      Formula:     if [BDI] < 100 then ((100-[BDI])*[Total Sku $ Store]/[BDI]) else 0 end


      I have tried to give the $ Opp another value that the "Top" (Tab) within the Filter (filtering "Sku" dimension) would recognize. I have tried working with various other ranking formulas (Excel), Index(), etc., but still no luck. Tableau just doesn't acknowledge the $ Opp values when filtering.


      The $ Opp can be sorted (Descending) if the Index() (as a Dimension) is used, but does not stick once filtered again (i.e.; Customer Filter)


      Due to the nature of the numbers that I am working with I can not post my workbook.


      Does anyone have any suggestions?