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    Basic Data Presentation Question - displaying difference between 2 months for 3 measures

    David Berger

      Hi...  A bit of a newbie, and I haven't figured out something I thought would be basic.


      I'm building a dashboard with a visualization of Page Views, Visits and Unique Visitors to a web site by month for the last 13 months.

      That part is easy enough to build a nice line graph.

      The end user would also like a table below the graph That shows the last 2 months and calculated differences between them.

      I started out building a crosstab view on a s2nd sheet that I could add to the dashboard (since it has different date filters than the main chart.)



                          August          July          Variance          %difference

      Visits               1000          500          500               100%                   

      Uniques          1000          2000          -1000               -50%


      Obviously, the last 2 columns are simple in Excel, but I can't figure out how to manage it in Tableau.