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    Horizontal scrollbar is not displayed when columns are beyond screen size

    Matthew Bregoli

      I'm very new to Tableau and am researching to determine if its the right tool for adhoc reporting for a specific group in our company.  I've found pivoting and graphing to be really great, but am running into an obstacle that seems like it should be simple but I can't seem to solve.


      There is a need for tabular formatted reporting that would display 15-20 columns and 100 - 500 rows.  When I'm building the report, a vertical scrollbar is displayed due to the number of rows to be displayed.  As I drag enough fields over to where columns cannot all fit on my screen, rather than a horizontal scrollbar being displayed to allow for scrolling left and right, only the columns furthest to the right are displayed. 


      I've tried changing the view from normal to entire view and this hasnt worked.


      Any help would be greatly appreciated.