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    Filter and data extract customization

    Jason Back



      I have a dashboard that I need to publish to other colleagues in my company.  I want to customize filters or data so that only certain individuals can see certain data.  (Unfortunately I don't have license for server yet, I believe that would solve my issue in terms of managing people's data access levels).


      I will be creating a number of different cuts of packaged files and data will be updated a weekly basis. How do I customize this in my dashboard? so that everytime I get a new data all I have to do is referesh the data source.


      I know that Tableau Reader does not have editing fuctions on workbook.  I have attached an exmaple: what I would like to do is to create another two pacakaged files without adjusting/deleteing things from the data source:

      - One for only able to see Canada in the country filter

      - One for only able to see US in the country filter and East in region filter.


      Extract data feature would not work me as I want end-users have no access to "undo data extract" when using Tableau Desktop.  The data in the master file is too senstive information.


      If there are solutions, I would really apprecaite it.



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          Russell Christopher

          Hey Jason -


          Sorry to be the bearer of bad news. This is a snap if you're dealing with Tableau Server, but hard if you only have the ability to use Desktop/Reader.


          Essentially, you'd need to manually create a distinct, filtered extract for each of your colleagues. Then, you'd bring that extract in as a second data source and use the "Data | Replace Data Source" command to tell the report to use your extract instead of the original data source.


          Now you can delete the original data source in the workbook.


          Each week, you'd deliver a new, personalized extract for the people using Desktop and/or you'd create a new/personalized TWBX using the updated extract for folks who only have Reader.


          Clear as mud?