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    Grand Totals Incorrect due to formula and data duplication

    Dustin Wyers

      I have an interesting question for everyone. 

      The essence of my issue is that I have to take the Distinct count of Sales Teams that an Admin is assigned to in order to get the subtotal to be correct per Admin for there Admissions.



      First Admin is assigned 3 Sales Teams and has 12 Admits, so there are 3 lines of data.

      Second Admin is assigned the same 3 Sales Teams and has 4 Admits, and also has 3 lines of data.

      Thrid Admin is also assigned 3 Sales Teams, but 1 is new, and has 10 Admits and also has 2 lines of data.


      Using CountD, I can get the individual Panes to be correct for there Admits, and the Subtotal to be correct.

      The problem I'm having then occurs on the Grand Total as the CountD for Sales Team is Now 4 instead of 3, so my Grand Total is incorrect.


      I know you can trick Grand Totals, but am having difficulty since I'm using CountD.


      Any suggestions?

      Workbook attached showing issue.