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    How do you display a pie chart on a map (per State) but the total (Label) only shows 1 value?

    Daniel Carr



      We have a map of the US.  Each state has a pie chart with how many votes for Democrat/Republican.  i.e. Rhode Island has 30k for Republican and 70k for Democrat so the pie chart shows 70% of the pie for Democrat and 30% for Republican.  We also have the Label (under 'Marks') = 'NumberOfVoters' -- so it displays 30,000 next to the Republican slice and 70,000 next to the Democratic slice -- on the map.  But, we do not want the Label to display for each slice -- we just want the total of all slices displayed.  i.e. 100,000.  So, if there are 3 'slices' of the pie chart we do not want 3 different labels -- we just want 1 label with the total of all 3 slices combined.  Is this possible?


      Please see image below -- for California we do not want 309.8 and 56.8.  Just want one label which displays 366.6.


      Any help greatly appreciated.