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    UK Postcodes

    Ross Oliver



      I am trying to load data which contains postcodes in the format Tableau appears to use (UK postcodes, only the data in the first part of the code i.e. for a postcode such as AB12 3CD, my data contains a column that just contains AB12).


      When I load my data, it does not recognize the postcodes and throws everything in the middle of the Atlantic for some reason...

      When I go into Map>Edit Locations I get the error "Unrecognized". When I click on "Unrecognized" when i am retreiving from the column with the 2 part postcode, I have the option to select only the first part in the drop down and it then places a dot correctly on the map. When I use the column where I have manually created a 1 part postcode, Tableau doesn't even recognise/give me a possible match...


      This is happening on all data sets I import, from a variety of systems. What am I doing wrong!?


      Many thanks,