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    drive url action from parameter?

    Mark Haller

      I'm wondering if anyone has been able to do this ... however tangential the solution is!


      I've got a parameter which lets me choose a measure on a dashboard.


      I want to show an area of dashboard which describes the measure - where the data came from, how accurate it is, etc, etc.   That particular info is coming from a CMS.


      So I want to create a URL action that's triggered and sourced from the measure!


      Anyone know how to do this? I've gone through everything I know thus far, including trying to run cross-site scripting via JQuery, blah, you name it!


      Thanks :-)



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          Chris Moseley

          Hi Mark,


          I'm having a similar challenge where I want to drive navigation to other dashboards  from a drop down menu, presumably a parameter.  The reason for the drop down menu is really more one of design aesthetic to match the navigation of our Website in which we embed Tableau but also because I find the practice of using empty worksheets as "buttons" to navigate a little burdensome.  


          Did you ever find a solution? 


          Sorry to reply to your question with another question,


          - Chris

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            Mark Haller

            Hi Chris


            It's not possible to drive anything from a dropdown in Tableau.  I haven't checked if 8 provides this functionality yet.


            What I have done is two other things instead -


            1. I have an embedded webpage in the dashboard.  Changing my MAP changes the URL of the webpage, passing in the selected country as a parameter.  The webpage itself is actually within my own website.   And the webpage has just some simple JS whereby I parse the URL params passed in to give me param1, then do a top.window.location.href = '/myurl/'+param1;


            2. I have re-architected the solution!   Instead of using measures inside Tableau, I've got my measure as a dropdown OUTSIDE Tableau, and on-change, I reload a different Tableau iframe AND go and ajax-get any other content OUTSIDE Tableau on the same page :-)


            Hope that helps.  The project is under NDA but if I can help some more with examples, just ask.


            I'm due a blog article this week at my company, so I think I'll do the parameter passing to external pages as my article and send a link back here!


            My company is LogicSpot - my first name and the company name .com if you want to contact me direct for any reason.



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              Mark Haller

              Hi Chris - OK, you had me get my blog post written :-)


              Please see here for an example - http://bit.ly/TDGq95



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                Chris Moseley



                Glad I could act as a catalyst to get your blog post completed!   I'll take a look over the weekend.  Also, thanks for suggestions on ways to tackle the parameter/URL problem.  I have always planned on moving filters and parameters onto our website anyway.  This is one more reason to do this sooner rather than later. 


                Have a good weekend.


                - ctm