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    Getting data to show on dual axis

    Ahmet Eser

      Hello, I am new to Tableau, and I really like it so far!


      However, there is one thing I just don't seem to be able to figure out. Let's say that my table has three columns. First column just gives the different times. Second column has different event types within it and the third column has a different value attached to each event. One type of event appears multiple times and has a different value each time. Here is an example:


      1bank balance3000
      2bank balance3100


      So I want to be able to display all of these on the same graph (x-axis: time, y-axis: other variables) - bank balance being on the secondary axis, income&expense on the primary axis.


      I figured that I can just drag EventType pill into the Level of Detail box and then select the relevant events. However, if I do it that, I cannot make the bank balance show on the dual axis.


      Or I can drag eventType into the rows shelf, and can get the different graphs display in different rows of graphs, but again I need them all in one graph with dual axes.


      I also tried to duplicate my data and do it that way. I suspect having one single value column for all the event types causes the problem.  I think it might get more clear, if you copy and try to work with the data above (I attached a csv file for your convenience).


      I may be missing something very simple, but I couldn't figure it out.


      I would be really grateful if you could help me with this. I sense that tis very simple. It drives me crazy


      Thanks a bunch!!!

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          Shawn Wallwork



          You don't actually have to do a dual axis to get all your data into one chart, you just have to get you data set up correctly, and the pills arranged on the shelves correctly. Does the attached do what you want?



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            Ahmet Eser

            Hi Shawn, thanks a bunch for the reply! However, this is not exactly what I am looking for. I wanted to show it on dual axis because one of the metrics (bank balance in this case) would be on a much larger scale. With my sample data, it looks OK, but in my real data this presentation might turn out to be problematic. In addition, for dashboarding purposes, it might be best if I could fit all these into a smaller graph.


            So do I actually need to reorganize my data to achieve this or is this still something achievable from the current organization of data?