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    How Do I Filter Data by parameter equal to a calculated field

    Renelle Risley

      This seems easy, but it's not.  I have a lot of records with a date/time stamp.  I need to sum the # of records per day & then determine if that sum equals my parameter value.  If it does, then I want to see how those records 'arrive' during the course of a day.  Here's an example:


      Parameter = 65

      For all dates during the year where the sum of the records for the day = 65, show me the average # of records 'arriving' by hour.  The result should be a distribution that looks something like this:

      Hour     # of records

      8 AM       2

      9AM     3

      10AM     5

      11AM     12

      12PM     16

      1PM     9



      I'm anxious for ideas.  Thanks.  Renelle

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          Tracy Rodgers

          Hi Renelle,


          One way to do this is to create an integer parameter and then create a calculated field similar to the following:


          if total(sum([# of Records]))=[Parameter] then 'Show' else 'Hide' end


          The, place the calculation on the filter shelf, and check Hide and Exclude. Since the calculation uses a table function, it may be necessary to change how the calculation is being computed (to do this, right click on it and select Compute Using...)


          Hope this helps!