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    How to build views that calculate the number of different variables/answers

    Kyle Kim

      I have a spreadsheet of roughly 100 survey respondents that I want to be able to visualize in Tableau.


      I want to be able to compare things like how many men and women answered Yes, No, or [other variable] to a list of questions listed in the survey (or or compare answers by age, and region).


      The first thing I see I noticed is that I can't get the "***" column to differentiate when I try to build a view. Does this have to do with me not assigning the correct data roles , or do I have to build certain calculations?


      I've tried reading through the user manual to set up the data roles correctly, but I think I'm still having trouble with knowing where to place dimensions and variables (in columns, rows,  or filters, etc) to get my desired view.


      I would really appreciate any guidance with this!