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    Keep only and parameterized measure?

    Nick Rosiello



      I am using a parameterized measure to give users the ability to group data by different measures.  It works great, except a user cannot use the "Keep Only" feature to select a portion of the data, then select a different parameter value to group by.  For example, in the attached workbook, if I drill down by State, Keep Only California, then select drill down by Customer Segment there is no data in the view.  Instead, I would want it to group by Customer Segment for all the data from California.


      Is there any way to use both parameterized measures and the Keep Only feature?



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          Tracy Rodgers

          Hi Nick,


          There currently is no way to do this using the Keep Only button. This is because the Keep Only button is filtering on the Drill Down by Dimension field--and when California is selected, that is the only member of all of the Drill Down by Dimension members that is chosen. One way around this is to show the State quick filter, then based on what is selected in the State filter, the parameter will change the view.