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    Extract Hangs on "Disabling Extract"

    Andy Wilcox

      Hi folks. I am connecting via an ODBC connector to my ERP, which is NetSuite; this requires a password each time I connect.

      I have no problem connecting and creating extracts initially, but often they seem to fail on subsequent uses. Typically, the refresh extract attempt will display the "Processing Request" window, which shows "Disabling Extract" with the elapsed time shown immediately below that. This can/will run for hours, with no connection every made. Once this happens, it seems I can no longer use that extract and I generally have to recreate it and the workbooks I've created from it. Perhaps the connection or extract is getting corrupted somehow? Has anyone experienced anything like this? If so, is there some fix that can be done to the connection/extract so as not to lose all the work that went into them?






      Tableau 7.0.5 on Windows 7 Pro, SP1