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    Concat function

    Alex Kerin

      Showing how to pull multiple rows into a single value, similar to concat for excel.


      Posting here as I cannot attach a file to the ideas forum.  http://community.tableau.com/ideas/1465

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          Divya Bhati

          Hi Alex,


          I am not able to open your workbook.

          can you please tell me the calculation to concatenate 2 column values into a single column & my both the column having integer values in columns.

          Suppose in first column its 12 and in second column its 23 as value so i wanted 12 23 in third column.

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            Jim Dehner

            Hi I can't open your workbook either  but It tried to open it in tableau 7 - if you are still using 7 recommend that you upgrade to a current version - you are missing out on significant levels of functionality


            if you are just trying to concatenate the process is tableau is           Str(value) + Str(next value) ...





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