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    How do I convert hh:mm:ss into a numeric value?

      Hello I am bringing call center data into tableau that stores the data as hh:mm:ss -an example is 58:24:50 (read 58 hours, 24 minutes and 50 seconds). The data source I am using is Excel it displays the 58:24:50 but in the cell it shows as 1/2/1900  10:24:50 AM.  To be honest it may be an issue with excel as any number of hours lower than 24 does not have the date in the cell E.G. a display value of 12:02:26 shows   12:02:26 PM in the actual cell.  Any methods to modify this in Tableau or Excel would be helpful.


           The original exported data comes as comma delimited so if bringing it in from a CSV is also an option, but the value comes as 58:24:50 (read 58 hours, 24 minutes and 50 seconds)