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    Should the "Group by Table" option be available for all data connections?

    Ric M.

      According to the webinars, on-demand training videos, and the user manual, "When you add (several) joined tables, the Data window is automatically organized to use the Group by Table command. When you select this option, the dimensions and measures are grouped according to the database table they belong to” rather than (when toggled off) appearing as a long alphabetical list of field names without knowing which table they are from.


      Recently I emailed Support because this option wasn't available when I joined several tables. The explanation I got for the absence of the Group by Table option is that "Extracting or publishing (to Tableau Server) a data source changes the structure of the data, effectively flattening any existing table structure into a single table. Thus, it is only possible to group fields by table when connected LIVE to the data source". Yet, nowhere is this indicated or documented.


      Tableau may consider making this feature available for any data source connection in future releases if community members think it is worthwhile. So, leave your comments here.