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    Calling a Javascript function in the Action URL

    Christian Perthen

      I am faced with the issue of not being able to open a new browser window of a product when clicking on the product ID in an embedded dashboard on a web page .


      I added below to the Action's URL field:



      Firefox's error console is returning: server does not support RFC 5746, see CVE-2009-3555


      Does anyone have any insight in how the make this work or if there is any other technique?


      Thanks in advance


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          Russell Christopher

          Hey Christian -


          We don't support calling a JavaScript function directly from inside a URL Action. If your goal is to create some sort of "product pop-up" window that can be called from Tableau, call the pop-up window directly, including the Product ID on the query string ala:




          Then, use php / javascript / c#, whatever inside the popup page itself to read/respond to the Product ID on the query string.


          If your goal is to open a different Tableau report which shows info about the Product being clicked on, just do something like this:


          ScreenHunter_01 Sep. 20 07.29.gif

          The default behavior of Tableau is to open up a different report in a new window via URL Actions.


          A third idea: Embed a "Web Page" object directly in the dashboard. Whatever you call on the URL action will get displayed inside the Webpage part, as long as you use the linktarget parameter correctly.


          Good luck!

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            Steve Albrecht

            Hi Russel,


            your last post is exactly what I am looking for since quite a while, a kind of pop-up window which calls the pop-up directly. You mention calling the pop-up window directly (here you used http://foo.com/popup.php?ProductID=<ProductID> ) - would you have a real example with code I take a look ?


            On another note, you mentioned using the "Web page object" on a dashboard, issue with that is that all action URLs on that dashboard then default open in that object and not in the browser, is there a way to define which URL opens in the browser and which open in the web page object..?


            many many thanks !