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    [Drilling] - how to limit it and avoid it getting messy while easily navigating through a hierarchy?

    Tor Magnus Torsetnes



      As the topic says, my question is about drilling and how one can avoid it getting messy while still navigating with ease. I'll start by describing an example. Let's say you have statistics best viewed in a bar chart for a country and you want to publish to web. The country is divided into regions, each region might have counties and each county have municipalities. The stats come from each municipality and is aggregated up through the hierarchy. As an end user you might want to start at the top level and then drill down to look more closely at the stats. You start with the country, drill down to region and all is looking good, then down to county and now it's starting to be quite a few bars, then you drill to municipalities and BAM you might have 500+ bars and a pretty useless chart.


      You can of course use the "keep only" option so that you limit your drilling, but what do you do when you have looked at the municipalities for county 1 and want to switch to county 2? As far as I can see there is no "back" key when using the dashboard embedded on a web page, and reloading the whole dashboard is not user friendly if you are working with a large hierarchy.


      I also looked at drilling using headers (http://onlinehelp.tableausoftware.com/current/pro/online/en-us/buildmanual_multidimensional.html), this didn't seem to work when I tested it in Tableau Public 7.0 (rightclicking a county header and selecting drill down did the same as pressing the + on the rows shelf, showing all municipalities), and it might not be optimal if working with charts size-wise since the other county-sums will dominate the view.


      What I'm looking for is therefore a way to drill down by "keeping only" and a quick way to get back up and showing the rest again.