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    Creating a dashboard / report from several sheets

    Matt Stoffa

      I have created two sheets:


      • Tabular information
      • Stacked bar chart


      Both sheets look great, but now I want to put them together into a single dashboard / report.  How do I do the following:


      • Link filters between the two sheets
        • Both sheets use filters / pages based on the the same field, and the data is linked properly.
        • When I change the filter / page of one sheet, I want the other sheet to change it's filter / page as well.
        • Maybe there is a better way to do this on a single sheet?
        • Is there any dashboard filtering?

      • Add a page title that comes from my data sources
        • Let's say I have data fields that contain 'Report_Type' and 'Name'.
        • I would want a title on each page that displays something like "Summary Report:  John Doe"
        • Do I make this a sheet and then add it to the dashboard, or can I just add it right into the dashboard?

      • Force the entire report / dashboard to display on one page
        • I don't want scroll bars on my tabular section ... just make it fit
        • I've tried some of the automatic fit-to-page settings but this leaves huge white space gaps and cuts off large portions of my tabular section.

      • Loop and print to pdfs using variable filenames.
        • My current data has informaton for 3 pages (I just pulled this subset for testing purposes)
        • I have a data field called "File_Name_to_Use" in the Pages section
        • Is there a way to print 3 separate pdfs using my field "File_Name_to_Use" as the pdf name for each page?





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          Hi Matt,


          From my experience, your requirement to "Link filters between the two sheets" should be possible using Global filters. Have you tried this? When you add a filter on a dashboard and use the options to define this filter as 'Global', any changes that you make on the selection of this filter is applied at a data source level and hence reflects on all sheets and dashboards that use this dataset.


          In order to get to your need on adding a page title that comes from data sources, your approach of adding a sheet that does this logic and then using it on the dashboard seems the right approach. Have you tried this? Where (if any) does this fall short of your visualization requirement?


          From what I have learnt, apparently it is not best practice to leave the dashboard to fit to the page depending on the user's screen resolution. If left like that, Tableau would need to work out what the screen resolution is, and then adjust its views to fit the screen for every user who attempts to connect. The better approach would be to define the size of the dashboard based on the most common or the lowest acceptable screen resolution for your organisation and design dashboards that fit this screen resolution.


          Finally, I am sorry I don't have a solution to your requirement on printing multiple pdf files from Tableau. I have not heard of that being possible, but you never know! Good luck! :-)




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            Matt Stoffa



            Sorry I was not very clear with my questions.  Let me re-ask this with a sample scenario.


            Let's say I have data relating to tornados and hurricanes across the world. Each storm is rated on a scale of 1 to 5.  Class 1 is the least damaging, and class 5 is the most damaging.


            I want a report with 3 sections on a single page.

                 Title at the top that says "Class X" where x is the appropriate class #

                 Graphs in the middle of the page relating to certain statistics of class X storms across various parts of the world

                 Tables at the bottom of the page listing other statistics about class X storms


            I want the report to use the storm class # as a page 'filter' (so 5 pages total).


            Each page should be filled with the title, graphs, and table (aka fit to page).


            I want to print these to 5 separate PDFs named "Class 1 Storms.pdf", "Class 2 Storms.pdf", etc...


            Can this be done?




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              Mark Holtz

              Hi Matt,


              A couple things you might want to try:

              • For your title, I think the method of creating a spare sheet to be the "Title" sheet is best. You can either add in a calculated field, or just blank out the data in the view (pull in count or something, set Color transparency to 0 and then edit the view Title as desired. (pull any item you want to use in the Title into the Level of Detail shelf and it will be available for use in the Title)
              • Make sure each view on the dashboard is set as "Fit Width" or "Entire View" instead of "Normal"--even though the dashboard may be set to scale to 1 by 1 page, your views might not take up the full space allocated to them on the dashboard.


              • For the loop printing, I'm not sure if that can be accomplished with a single click. Tableau is designed more to be an interactive tool and is maybe not as good at printing iterations of the same reports.  That said, you can always just add the global filter Siraj mentioned ("StormScale") to the "Pages" shelf.  This way, it'll cycle through each of the members--i.e., 1, 2, 3...


              Hope this helps!

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                Matt Stoffa

                I changed my reports to all work from a single data source ... this solved the linking filters issues.


                I reposted the question regarding batching of pdf creation.  This IS possible using Tableau Server and the command line.


                I have a few more report set-up questions, but will repost with less complicated details.