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    Extract -> Add data from file functionality inconsistent performance

    Jurien Groot

      For some workbooks I make an extract from a Netezza DB.


      To add some additional information I use the "Extract" -> "Add data from file" functionality.


      Whenever I download a published workbook from Tableau server and try to use this functionality I get the following error form time to time (just by random):

      Tableau Data Engine Error: 4: Scan::Next: Mismatched row counts

      The table "[Extract].[Extract]" does not exist.

      Unable to connect to the file "xxx.tde". Check that the file exists and that you have sufficient access privileges for it.


      If I try exactly the same thing another day or hour, I don't get the error. Regenerating the extract doesn't solve it.


      It is driving me insane, especially because it is so random and there doesn't seem to be a standard solution.


      Any suggestions would great!


      Small problem nr2
      Whenever I do succeed to add the data and publish it. It seems to 'forget' this additional data after a while. It is probably purging a part of my extract (I only use incremental updates though).