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    Tableau configuration on development server for forms based authentication

    Anton Vijay

      I have created a web application (http://lanmbwwww01:1111/sites/exxonmobil) using claims based authentication and created a custom login page configuring Form base authentication using IPGEXT active directory. Now I am able to login using my IPGEXT account i.e. prashant.chavan1 but could not able to see any of the Tableau reports on the site. Please see below errors:

      Error 1.jpg


      I get the above error because of 'use SSL' setting was true in tableau webpart settings. But on changing SSL to false I get below error.


      Error 2.jpg

      As active directory is accessed via membership provider, user is authenticated as "i:0#.f|admembers|prashant.chavan1". Forms authentication user of IPGEXT domain needs to be configured for tableau reports. Please suggest me, what steps needs to take to configure the tableau reports for forms authentication on SharePoint 2010.