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    Relative Date filtering on OLAP (Microsoft Analysis Services) cube

    Charles Firkins

      I have a SSAS cube that I created that contains a "time" dimension.  One of the attributes (the key in fact) of that dimension is a datetime datatype contaning the measuremnt date and time (the remaiing attributes are text or int datatypes with parts of dates or specific formatting).  I want to be able to use a relative date filter to get the most recent 12 weeks of data.  However, when I applied the filter on the attribute (named "fulldate") the Tableau spun with "executing query" for over 4 minutes before I canceled it.  A typical refresh takes less than 2 seconds.  I can easily filter the dataset by one of the other attributes of the time dimension (say one named "yearMonthWeek" in the format of 20120226-20120303).  However, as this is a text field I get a list of checkboxes - not the behavior I am looking for.


      I did double check and the attribute "fulldate" is stored as a datatime datatype in the cube.


      Ideas about how to deal with this?  I cannot include a packaged workbook as this issue relates to a cube and no extracts allowed . . .