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    Merging two data sources together

    Bryan Cheah

      Good day everyone,


      I have a problem with merging two data sources together. I know of merging two datasets by data blending but it doesn't seem to work as what I have expected it to.


      I am a Business Objects user and in BO when I bring two data sources and link up just one set of relationship between two fields I will be able to display all the data in both data sources. BO will execute a "Vlookup" and display the correct value.


      In Tableau after data blending I am only able to display the correct value if I have displayed the linked relationship in the table.

      i.e. If I have Product ID in both data sources linked up without displaying Product ID in the worksheet I will get an error.


      Is there anyway I can work around that?


      I have attached a file that has ship to reported customer name linked up as a relationship. The primary file has my product division, product group, ship to reported customer names and amount $. My secondary file has my sales personnel names, ship to reported customer names, customer short names and manager names. The primary data source will come from Oracle and my primary source is manually managed outside the system.


      I want to merge up both data sources and show  just Customer short name (from secondary source) and amount $ (from primary source) with filters for manager names, sales personnel names and ship to reported customer names.