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    Stacking/combining multiple measures in the same view

    John Liska

      I'm currently trying to work with a data source that is structured with many distinct measures (columns). The visual I'm trying to build would combine many of these measures into a single view, but so far I haven't found a valid way of doing this in Tableau. As an FYI, I realize I could manually restructure the data; however, that is painful exercise that simply wouldn't work because I'm receiving this data once per week and I don't control how it's being built.


      Here's the data structure now:



      However, what I'm trying to create is a dual axis view with a stacked area (or bar) view of the % polling numbers alongside TV spend, each one broken down by the candidate. Here's what I'm shooting for (the workbook is also attached):



      In order to build this demo worksheet I had to re-arrange the data so that it was structured as follows:




      As you can see I condensed the columns (measures) by adding multiple rows for each date. This created a data structure where the Candidate was a Dimension I could add to the color shelf, which gave me the breakdowns I wanted in the worksheet.


      I'm looking for a way in Tableau to build the worksheet I have above but without changing the data. The attached workbook also has the original structure in it for reference. Any ideas are appreciated, thanks.