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    Need to show the data on Funnel chart


      Hi Experts,


      I am very new to the Tableau . I need to show my data in” funnel chart” I have searched available chart but it’s not available

      How can I see my data in funnel chart  .

      Is there any add- on components available  or Is there any other alternative way to do it  can you please advise me any one


      Please check funnel chart in attached


      Advanced Thanks !!!

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          Zach Leber

          Tableau doesn't support conical or any other type of 3D graphs because they're almost always more confusing than informative. With advanced table calculations you could make a triangular graph that illustrates the winnowing of users as the interactions progress. But that's very tricky (you said you were a beginner) and doesn't annotate well so is not going to give you the aesthetics you're looking for anyway. A bar chart will convey the same information more accurately and precisely and stacked rectangles may even be more accurate than the triangle especially if the number of people at the end level is high compared to the beginning level (you really need stacked inverted trapezoids). I think most Tableau experts including myself would advise you choose a simpler way to display the data, though I understand your assignment may mandate you deliver a funnel chart, in which case you may have to use another program.  There are no Tableau plugins that I am aware of to extend the graph types. Good luck, and even if Tableau can't do what you want this time, don't give up, it can do so much.

          funnel dashboard.jpg

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            Hi Zach,


            This funnel chat is avilable in Micro strategy. is there a way we can bulid the our chat in microstrategy will replicate the same in Tableau sheets .

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              Jonathan Drummey



              As one addition to what Zach said, it is possible to create a variant of a tornado chart that looks like a funnel chart. What you do is split each chunk of the funnel into positive & negative measures, then plot those on a bar chart with the dimension/discrete value on the Rows Shelf and the two measures on the Columns shelf. However, a stacked bar chart would allow for more accurate comparisons.