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    Does Hierarchy updates flow through tableau app

      I work in BI/DW and looking for a Mobile BI tool that would meet our requirements. I have used another app (PushBI) but ended up giving up on it as it didn't do what we wanted. I would like to clarify my technical query. This query is not about what PushBI can do but rather to explore if Tableau can achieve it.


      Here is the scenario

      We have a hierarchy of users/managers (National, State, City) who can access various BI reports. I want to apply the same hierarchy for mobile BI application and let them access Sales, GP (for example) KPIs of their area. From time to time we would have a manager is moved from one city to another or become state manager (promoted). Hence his/her permissions would either be elevated or moved to KPI of another city/state.  My questions are

      • In above mentioned case, if the database/cube is updated with correct values, would this flow through in the app or I need to re-create the KPIs for that manager with newly allocated city/state?
      • Do i need to manually create KPIs for each user or user group? I mean we have lots of users who would use it so don't want to create KPI for them manually.


      The dilemma we had with PushBI was, initially we had to create KPI for each manager, state manager, national manager and then if their position change then modify the KPI manually before it can be updated to mobile devices.


      Thanks in advance.