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    Adding a dimension via calculated field

      Hi Everyone,


      First, let me provide a link to my question in another thread, which has all the background - http://community.tableau.com/message/184057


      Here is the 'formula' related part:


      • I have an aggregate Sales Number. I need to generate a target Sales Number which is simply the Sales Number * 50%. So I create a Calculated Field called “Target Sales” that simply multiplies The Sales Number by 50%.
      • I need to split this Target Sales Number into 3 product types (Digital, Custom, Print) with target percentages. I.E. I need 50% of the target sales number to be Digital, 25% Custom, 25% Print.
        • This brings me to my first question – how do I do this in Tableau? The way I currently did it is I created 3 new measures
          • Calculated Field called “Target Digital” = Target Sales * 50%
          • Calculated Field called “Target Custom” = Target Sales * 25%
          • Calculated Field called “Target Print” = Target Sales * 25%
        • Is there a way to make these all dimensions in one measure, rather than creating 3 measures? The reason 3 measures don’t work, is I am not able to create a stacked bar chart, like the one seen below:

      Stacked Bar.png