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    How do I create a multi-select parameter for a dashboard?

    Sarah Terrill

      I am very new at Tableau, so apologies if I am asking an elementary question.  My workbook has several different data sources, with several fields in common.  I created a PROGRAM parameter to improve user experience in my dashboard so that when the user selects "PROGRAM A" in the dashboard, selection shifts across all sources.  That all works as desired.


      My question is this - the dashboard should also have a SEASON option that will function similarly, except that the SEASON option should work as a multi-select list, dependent on *only relevant values* from the PROGRAM parameter. 


      Ideally, dashboard view and user experience should mirror what I've been able to achieve in each individual worksheet with the SEASON filter, except that it will work across all data sources:





      Any thoughts or suggestions for a newbie?  I've attached a very abbreviated version of my current workbook.  My real workbook has approximately 8 data sources and 4 dashboards that I hope can be controlled via the existing PROGRAM PARAMETER and a dependent multi-select season parameter.