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    Multiple Rankings Showing Dimension *AND* Measure


      September 13, 2012
      My Question

      Is it possible to make multiple "text tables" (one per category) in a single view?

      I want to show ranking per category mixing Ranking, Customer Name (dimension) and Sales (measure).

      I would like to add Customer Name to this table:

      Text Table with multiple values.png

      The closest workaround I have managed to do is this:

      Text Table with one text.png

      A workaround I know how to do is changing the above list to use a mono-spaced font and adding proper number of spaces between each column, so values are nicely aligned right, but I am hoping for something better than that.

      A workaround that makes Sales align right in the text string {Rank + Customer Name + Sales} using a proportional font would be useful.

      It has value for me to be informed that it is not possible, because then I do not need to waste more time trying to do the impossible. Also it will draw me to add an idea/wish to the idea forum regarding mixing text and values in small multiples.

      See more in detail what I mean in attached workbook.


      September 18, 2012
      My Choice of Workaround

      I have come to the conclusion that my wish is not an "out of the box feature" in Tableau. Therefore I chose separate views as "column shelf" to imitate the design I want for the task at hand.

      See solution (with dummy data) at glance in picture below, or in details in attached file named Multiple Rankings Showing Dimension and Measure v3 (Finale).

      Two Dimensional Ranking - Separate Views for Column Shelf.png


      Ps. Ideas inspired by this issue:

      Repeat Viz

      Add dimension to [Measure Values]