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    Word wrap for column headings doesn't work for "tall" tables

    John Liska

      I've put a small table (rows & columns, not a visualization of any sort) into a dashboard. The 10 measure names that I've included all have somewhat long names so I've turned the Alignment property of Wrap to "on". (I've done this in both the worksheet and dashboard, in case that matters.) Wrap works as expected when my table has only a few rows of data.


      However, when the data properties change (based on filters) and the table contains more than ~12 rows of data it adds a vertical scroll bar to manage viewing all of the rows. When this happens the column headings no longer wrap. They are forced down to one line with ".." after several characters; as such the column headings are almost unreadable.


      Here's an example of what's happening to the column heading:

      A) Short table (just a few rows):




      B) Tall table (tall enough to have a vertical scroll bar on the right-hand side):

         Units (A..


      How can I prevent Example B from happening? I want wrap to stay on regardless of the vertical scrolling. Thanks.