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    Unable to sort on disaggregated data in text table

    Tanya Cashorali



      I'm trying to view individual records in a text table but am having a hard time doing a number of things.


      For one, I can't seem to add a number to the table that's still treated as a number without it trying to plot the number as circles.

      I've changed it to text, but then I lose all the value of that number! I can only add the number column onto the text and color shelf, then I lose the column header.


      The second problem, is that I can only sort on the first row I add to the table. Even though I have unchecked 'Aggregate Data', it still appears to aggregate some.  If someone has the same first name, and then I add Last Name, it groups by the first name. When I click sort on last name, it only sorts the last name grouped by first name.  This makes it impossible to fully sort columns.


      I've attached a screenshot (blurred some confidential data) - I'm only able to sort on Company, and you can also see my number field with on header.


      Thanks for any help!