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    Vectorwise and Top N Filter

    . Pinongs

      Hi, Trying to create a simple dashboard using Tableau 7.0.7 and Vectorwise 2.5.1. Was able to connect and generate a simple view. We then tried to filter one field using the Top By Field. It generates the following error "Tableau was unable to generate a query to perform this operation".  On the connection query, there is no "where clause" or anything so we are wondering why this is happening.


      Anyone here encountered this error and how it was resolved? Thanks.

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          Tracy Rodgers

          Hi Pinongs,


          This is a known issue where the TOP query is not supported by the database itself (i.e. Vectorwise).


          One way to get around this is to sort the field first (right click on it in the view and select Sort... By Field, etc). Then, create a calculated field similar to the following, place it on the filter shelf and select 'True':




          Depending on how the view is set up, it may be necessary to change the way the calculation is computed (to do this right click on it and select Compute Using...)


          Hope this helps!



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            . Pinongs

            Thanks for the workaround.