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    Percantage of Total with filter

    Ajit Kumar



      Scenario - I have 5 Manufacturer and there sales. I have created a Table of Manufacturer with their sales. Now I have performed a Table calculation called Percentage of Total on sales. Let’s say I am getting 20% each as a sales of all the Manufacturer. Now I have shown a quick filter on Manufacturer. When I select any one manufacturer the sales% is changing to 100%. I understand the logic why it is going to 100%.


      What I need to understand is how to fix the sales% for each manufacturer even if I change the filter of Manufacturer  only the actual number should be shown in the table that is 20%. I mean to say as the percantage of total or the sale% for each Manufacturer is 20% which is correct figure,only this number should come after applying the filter also



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          Wilson Po

          Hi Ajit,


          Focusing on one Manufacturer while still computing the correct totals means that we need to assure that the query still pulls all 5 manufacturers.  Unfortunately filters strip off all other manufacturers from the query and Tableau becomes unaware of what the accurate total should be.  Instead use the "Hide" function - this retains other manufacturers but simply does not display them.  This allows us to compute the correct % of total.




          If a quick filter control is desired, you can also use table calculations to force the filter to only hide information. to d so create a calculated filed with the following formula:


          When you add this field to the level of detail and generate the quick filter off of that, it will create a control that will only hide members rather than filter it out.


          Hope this helps!

          Wilson Po

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            Andrew Watson

            Hi Ajit


            Wilson is correct. This thread contains the same advice: http://community.tableau.com/thread/119973 but we discovered a limitation to this technique where it only works for the one worksheet, not the entire dashboard, which may or may not be an issue for you.