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    Hidden Sets - Exclusions and Problems with appending to TDEs

    Nathan Schofield

      Hi All,


      I have a tableau workbook that at the moment I update weekly with information by appending csv files to a TDE (this is not ideal so will be putting into a DB soon!). This week I had an error trying to append one file. I discovered a hidden set, which was an exclusion. I worked out that this was from several weeks ago, deleted it, and could append. I have several questions:


      1. Where do hidden sets come from? I certainly didn't consciously make it.
      2. When I delete it and it gives me no warning, I take it to mean that it is not used currently?
      3. It's pretty crazy that Tableau blocks a csv append to a tde because of a set which is not even part of the data. Even crazier is that the set was created several weeks ago, but only for this weeks append did it block me (i.e. unknowingly I have appened with the hidden set their in the past). Why is that? I put it down to unexplainable behaviour with tde appending. I have other random errors that I have resolved by shortening the file path and file name. I think I'm the only Tableau user who regularly appends tde files. It seems very unstable...


      Especially looking for answers on 1) and 2). Looking forward to your responses.