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    area code mapping

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      Hello...I am trying to figure out if I can use Tableau to map out by area code.  So say I have a data source of area codes and I want to show their occurrences on a map...will the software take the area code and map it to a lat/long coordinate and show as a marker in the right spot?? 


      Reason I am asking is I am trialing the software now and I created a small simple excel sheet using a few area codes to test it out but every time I load it and try to create the map it says the area codes are unknown and the map is blank (these codes they are like San Antonio, Idaho area codes...so real values).  Is there something special I need to do for the mapping to occur or is this not supported?   Even when I look at the data the lat/long is null.  Looking for some tips.


      Thank you!

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          I figured out my own problem.  When the area code to geocoding didn't work I saw on the map on the bottom right side it said X unknowns.  When I clicked this it showed all the area codes and from there I could select the US region and it geocoded most of the values and they then showed up on the maps.  Why it didn't do it by default not sure but it is working.