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    Drill down issue.

    Ranjan Sahoo

      Hi Friends,


      I want to drill down from higher dimension to lower dimension in a chart, but the data that is present in million for higher dimension needs to shown detail as i move to lower dimension as the lower level data in million will become 0, it will loose its significance.


      Lets say i have region wise data like north america in millions then drill to US country in million but when i have to states or cities it should show the sales data in detail. lets say i have north america sales as $20 million but for newyork the data might be simple $10000 needs to shown in detail.


      Is this possible as i drill down it will show more detail data.




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          Hi Ranjan,


          Are you referring to the size of the bars that are being displayed for each state/city? Are you referring to the Axis Range?




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            Ranjan Sahoo

            Hi Siraj,


            I am not referring to size nor axis of the bar. I am refering to the value displayed on the bar that is it should be million when the dimension is on the higer side like region/country and lower when it comes to city or store value through drill down.


            Size will remain same given the space it occupies in dashboard and axis gets adjusted automatically,hence there is no need to address size of bar or axis.