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    Problems with NULL values in Top N with everyone else as "others"

    Gabriel Queiroz

      Hi Guys,


      I am working in a panel using Top N with everyone else as "others".


      No problem with that, I followed the posts and it is working. However, when player has a NULL value inside its period/column it is showed in 2 lines, insted of one line. I tried to use the formula IFNULL and it brings to me the "ZERO" to null values, however it still in two lines.


      Here is the pic (error.png) of the table. Have a look in the player "GENOMMA", since it don't have investment in 2009, it goes to another line.


      In this case I am using the ATTR function to show the "players names" since I need all others players outside of the TOP as "others"


      Any ideas?


      Thanks in advance.