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    Aggregate Monthly measures by Year

    Scott Cabral



      I have a table that gets loaded (appended) on the last day of each month with all customer policies that are active.  For example, on 01/31/2012 we load 1000 records.  On 02/29/2012 we load 1100 records.  On 03/31/2012 we load 1500 records and so on each month.


      The table has a Report Date field which stores the date the records were loaded for each period (i.e. 01/31/2012, 02/29/2012, 03/31/2012, etc...).


      When I try to create a graph in Tableau to show the Sum of the premium for each year, it is totaling each month's premium, but what i want is just the the premium  at the end of the year (sum of premium for records with 12/31/2012).  I also want to be able to get the quarterly premium (sum of premium for records on 03/31/2012 (Q1), 06/30/2012 (Q2), 09/30/2012 (Q3), 2/31/2012 (Q4)).  I also want the Monthly premiums (sum of premium for records at end of each month).


      I think i need to create calculated fields for each measure, but not sure how to accomplish using the tableau syntax.  Does anyone have any ideas on how to create these total?



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