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    Context filters in published data sources

      Running Desktop 7.0.7 and Server 7.0.7 I am unable to use a context filter when my data source is an extract published to the Data Server. Anyone else seeing this?

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          Wilson Po

          Hi Phil,


          I just tested the same scenario and my end and am not seeing any errors with this. Can you add a screenshot of what you are seeing or what errors are coming up?





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            Ijaz Osman

            Yes.  I too am using 7.07 desktop and server.  I published an extract to the server as a published data source.  When I replaced my extract with the published data source, I got 5 errors stating that columns don't exist (i.e.No such column [AUA per Household (copy)]). 


            One of my calculated fields based on Username is on the Filters shelf, and it was set to Add to Context.  I chose Remove from Context, and it works fine now. 


            The 5 columns/errors don't even exist in my seed datasource, extract or published data source, although they did at one point.


            I have an open ticket with Tableau.

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              Carson Dallum

              We are able to reproduce this issue with Tableau data extracts that have been published to a Tableau server (both v7).  Calculated fields published to the server using a count distinct (countd) function in conjunction with a context filter causes the error.  Using a context filter with calculated fields published to the server not using the count distinct function doesn't cause any errors.


              I'm guessing the [AUA per Household (copy)] column either contains or references a column that counts the distinct number of households.  This in conjunction with the context filter would cause the error.

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                Nicholas Drake

                I'm having this same issue whenever I add a context filter.  I was using desktop version 7.0.0 and received a "No such column" error, so I updated to version 7.0.12 - now I am getting the below error.


                Invalid field formula due to limitations in the data source.


                class DataSourceException