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    Measure values in URL Action

    Sriram Srinivasan

      Hi, I describe my issue here


      I have a table of records (City, Equipment, Energy and Temperature) at the top of a dashboard and a web form (for the same columns) at the bottom of the dashboard. When I click on a record in the upper table, I call the bottom web form through an URL. Basically, selected record's column values should be sent to the form below.


      I am trying to pass all the four values through URL and then updating the form fields using my custom .aspx code. When I try to do this, I encounter this issue


      1. When I do not include the measure values then

                        Any record I select gets updated properly with City and Equipment

      2. When I include the measure values then

                        No action takes place at all.


      Just curious to know if tableau doesn't support including measure values as a part of URL?


      Let me know if you need additional information