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    Problems with Filter After Left Join

    Ryan Hutchinson

      I am joining two tables. One tells me how many students I have admitted and the other gives me all enrolled students. I am wanting a result that is going to give me how many admitted students ended up enrolling and how many didn't enroll.


      I have set up a left join on the Admitted Students tables with the Enrolled Students table on the common Student ID field. Everything is good with the results except when I set a filter for a semester on the Enrolled Students table. Once I set that filter it limits my rows returning Admitted Students to only those enrolled that Fall. However, my goal through the left join is that I want all Admitted students and the results to tell me in a particular semester if they were enrolled or not enrolled.


      So my question is there a way to apply the filter to the Enrolled Students table just to that table and not to both tables so that the left join works properly and gives me all rows from the Admitted students table?