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    Benchmark/Goal Calculations

    David Martin

      Hi All - I am having trouble calculating a continuing benchmark/goal #

      Its very simple in excel to create these formulas, however, I am unable to do so in Tableau, particularly when I want to show them as a text table.

      Here is a sample of what I am trying to do as my "Goal" formula

      1/1/20121= Likes on Day1
      1/2/20125= Day 1 *1.20


      Is there a way in Tableau to calculate the YTD sum to the Previous Day, as my formula above shows?

      Here is the worksheet table that I would like to create - As you can see I'd like to make it so the #'s will change as I filter dates.


      I should get is from my above example is:

      Actual Likes: 25  Goal Likes: 15*1.2 = 18

      Essentially I am trying to show whether we are "Above" or "Below" the Goal Likes.


      Hopefully someone is able to assist! Thanks in advance!